Test Bank for Math Lit 1st Edition by Almy and Foes

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Math Lit, by Kathleen Almy and Heather Foes, provides a one-semester alternative to the traditional two-semester developmental algebra sequence for non-STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) students. This new approach offers an accelerated pathway to college readiness through developmental math, allowing non-STEM students to move directly into liberal arts math or introductory statistics, while also preparing STEM students for intermediate algebra. Through its emphasis on contextual problem-solving, the Almy/Foes worktext and its accompanying MyMathLab course help students understand and practice the major themes of numeracy, proportional reasoning, algebraic reasoning, and functions.

Test Bank for Math Lit 1st Edition by Almy and Foes

Test Bank for Math Lit 1st Edition by Almy and Foes

Table of Content

CYCLE ONE Where do we start?

1.1 The BP Oil Spill: Focus Problem

1.2 Getting Started: Reviewing Prealgebra

1.3 Hello, My Name Is: Graphing Points

1.4 A Tale of Two Numbers: Ratios and Proportions

1.5 Chances Are: Probability Basics

1.6 It’s All Relative: Understanding Integers

1.7 Sign and Size: Integer Operations

1.8 An Ounce of Prevention: Means

1.9 Picture This: Making and Interpreting Graphs

1.10 Two by Two: Scatterplots

1.11 Multiply vs. Divide: Converting Units

1.12 Up and Down: Percent Change

1.13 The X Factor: Algebraic Terminology

1.14 General Number: Recognizing Patterns

1.15 Social Network: Linear and Exponential Change

1.16 Infinity and Beyond: Perimeter and Area

CYCLE TWO How does that work? 

2.1 Predicting a Child’s Height: Focus Problem

2.2 Rule of Thumb: Weighted Means

2.3 Measure Up: Basic Exponent Rules

2.4 Count Up: Adding Polynomials

2.5 A Winning Formula: Applying Order of Operations

2.6 Does Order Matter: Rewriting Expressions

2.7 Fair Share: Distributive Property

2.8 Seat Yourself: Equivalent Expressions

2.9 Parts of Speech: Using Operations Correctly

2.10 A Fine Balance: Verifying Solutions

2.11 Separate but Equal: Solving Simple Equations

2.12 A State of Equality: More Equation Solving

2.13 Quarter Wing Night: Writing and Solving Equations

2.14 Outwit and Outlast: Using Proportions

2.15 Three of a Kind: Pythagorean Theorem

2.16 What Are the Odds?: Theoretical Probability

2.17 Size Up: Volume and Surface Area

CYCLE THREE When Is It Worth It?

3.1 Deciding to Run: Focus Problem

3.2 What’s Trending: Correlation

3.3 Constant Change: Slope

3.4 Shortest Path: Distance Formula

3.58 More or Less: Linear Relationships

3.6 Get in Line: Slope-Intercept Form

3.7 Chain, Chain, Chain: Writing Linear Equations

3.8 Going Viral: Exponential Functions

3.9 Untangling the Knot: Solving Nonlinear Equations

3.10 Hot and Cold: Rewriting Formulas

3.11 A Common Goal: Greatest Common Factors

3.12 Thinking Outside the Box: Factoring Quadratic Expressions

3.13 A Formula for Success: The Quadratic Formula

3.14 Systematic Thinking: Graphing and Substitution

3.15 Opposites Attract: Elimination

3.16 The Turning Point: Quadratic Functions   

CYCLE FOUR What Else Can We Do?

4.1 Measuring Temperature Variability: Focus Problem

4.2 A Matter of Change: Dimensional Analysis

4.3 Little Giants: Scientific and Engineering Notation

4.4 A Model Approach: Negative Exponents

4.5 Variation on a Theme: Standard Deviation

4.6 An Order of Magnitude: Understanding Logarithmic Scales

4.7 Straight to the Point: Direct Variation

4.8 Gas Up and Go: Inverse Variation

4.9 Ghost in the Machine: Function Notation

4.10 What’s Your Function? Vertical Line Test, Domain, and Range

4.11 An Important Point: Vertex Form of a Quadratic Function

4.12 A Survey of Trig: Trigonometric Functions

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